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<   No. 1575   2007-05-20   >

Comic #1575

1 {scene: Dr No's nuclear reactor control area.}
1 Dr No: {sitting at a control panel, checking various system parameters} Radiation levels?
1 Henchman: {off-screen} Normal.
1 Dr No: Control rods? {Stud is creeping up behind Dr No, unseen}
2 Dr No: Control rods?! Chang? {turns to look around and spots Stud right behind him} Chang! What are you doing here?
3 Dr No: Get back to your post and look after those critical control rods! You could destroy this whole operation if you're not careful! {Stud runs off}
4 Stud: {approaching the control rod panel} Darn. I was almost close enough to kill Dr No. Now how am I going to destroy this whole operation?

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In case it's not entirely clear to anyone who hasn't seen the film, Dr No doesn't recognise Stud because of the concealing radiation suit. He mistakes him for Chang, one of the anonymous henchmen who actually should be working on the nuclear reactor.

This comic was difficult to shoot, because I only have one radiation suit.

Wow, what a bizarre sentence. I don't think I've ever ended a sentence with, "... because I only have one radiation suit," before. Try appending it to some of your own sentences today.

I couldn't do my homework, because I only have one radiation suit.

Sorry dear, I forgot to get milk on the way home, because I only have one radiation suit.

Germanic tribes and other people launched many raids along the long north European border, particularly into Gaul and across the Danube, because I only have one radiation suit.

After three hours of trawling through the code, I found it was making a fencepost error in the incrementing of the database primary key counter, because I only have one radiation suit.

Han shot first, because I only have one radiation suit.

2017-06-07 Rerun commentary: To be precise, this comic was difficult to shoot with only one radiation suit because I had to take two separate shots for each of the first three panels and composite them in a graphics program afterwards. Not only does this double the amount of photos taken for those 3 panels, but I had to set up each shot with the characters posed as though interacting with one another, without the other character actually being there, and change the radiation suit from character to character. So those three panels involved significantly more planning and labour than just shooting six separate panels.

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