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<   No. 144   2003-06-18   >

Comic #144

1 Harry: Look Ron! Sirius sent me another new broom!
1 Ron: Whoa, cool!
2 Ron: A Nimbus 4000?! That's bloody brilliant!
2 Harry: Yeah!
3 Hermione: Harry! How do you know that's not a cursed broom sent by You-Know-Who?
3 Ron: Oh, Hermione, what sort of idiot would fall for that?
4 Harry: Come to think of it, the owl that delivered it did look a bit vulture-like.
4 Ron: On second thought, don't answer that.

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2012-04-14 Rerun commentary: Since I made strip #112, I acquired a LEGO Hogwarts uniform. Only one though, so Ron and Hermione are still in mufti.

(I suspect mufti might be a word unfamiliar to some readers, particularly those from the USA. Schools here in Australia occasionally have mufti days, when the students may wear casual clothes rather than school uniform, so the word is quite well known here. As I understand it, such a day would be rather redundant in most American schools.)

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