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<   No. 1400   2006-11-26   >

Comic #1400

1 Paris: Bune traffic control, this is Legacy, inbound from Lyrane, requesting approach vector and landing clearance at Starport Alpha.
2 Traffic Control: Legacy, welcome to Bune. What passengers and cargo are you carrying?
3 Paris: Five crew, no passengers. Cargo is one live Allosaurus.
4 Traffic Control: Any dangerous biological material to decl... oh lord, what am I saying?

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Bune is mostly covered with a planet-wide ocean, specked with small islands. Again, the planet graphic is generated by me using POV-Ray raytracing software.

2016-06-29 Rerun commentary: Yes, of course Paris counts herself as one of the crew, even though she's dead.

And yes, it's better to declare the Allosaurus than to try and sneak it past customs. They have sniffer dogs who can detect a giant, roaring, carnivorous beast.

(If your sniffer dog gets eaten, then that's a pretty sure sign that it's detected a giant, roaring, carnivorous beast.)

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