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<   No. 1358   2006-10-15   >

Comic #1358

1 Spanners: I'm surprised the Allosaurus can move in the weightless conditions. It must be unusually and dangerously intelligent.
2 Serron: Wait, wait, wait... We're weightless?
2 Spanners: We're in space. Of course we are.
3 Spanners: We're wearing velcro shoes to stick to the floor.
3 Serron: We don't have artificial gravity??
4 Spanners: This is a hard science setting, you know.
4 Paris: Could have fooled me...

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Back when the power failed on board, someone asked me why the artificial gravity hadn't also gone out. It was only then that I realised that I hadn't made it clear how they're always standing on the floor of the ship.

As far as I'm concerned, they've never had artificial gravity, and have always been weightless when in space. Obviously it's hard to show that with photographs of miniature figures, and I hadn't really thought about it much before. But it's time to make it perfectly clear that the ship doesn't have artificial gravity. That technology doesn't exist in the roleplaying setting I base this theme on.

2016-05-02 Rerun commentary: Although there is one scientifically plausible method of generating gravity on a spaceship. Carry a planet-sized mass attached to the underside of the ship.

The problem then simply becomes one of propulsion.

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