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<   No. 1248   2006-06-27   >

Comic #1248

1 {scene: Sister Lily shows James Stud and Honey a luxuriously appointed hotel-style room.}
1 Sister Lily: Your room.
1 Stud: Delightful.
2 Sister Lily: The doctor invites you to join him for dinner. Six o'clock, for seven.
2 Stud: Tell him we accept with pleasure.
3 Honey: Does nothing crack your cool exterior?
4 Sister Lily: {walking off} And of course the lady has a separate room next door.
4 Stud: Nooo...!

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By this point in the movie Dr No, James Bond and Honey had changed into bathrobes. But that's hard to do with Lego, and besides, he wouldn't be James Stud without his tuxedo on at all times.

2015-11-30 Rerun commentary: I'm pretty sure that small piece of greenish cloth which you can see used as a bedspread in this scene is a scrap cut from an old T-shirt I used to have. When it started wearing out I repurposed it as a cleaning rag, and also scavenged a small piece for use as LEGO set decorating material.

In the film, James Bond's and Honey's rooms, although separate, have a connecting door. Of course.

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