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<   No. 1200   2006-05-10   >

Comic #1200

1 Paris: An Allosaurus?! Are you out of your mind?!
2 Paris: How are we going to handle one of those? Let alone fit it into the cargo hold?
3 Spanners: The owner's paying 20,000 credits.
4 Serron: Does he have any more of them to transport?

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I originally wrote this without a unit of currency, with Spanners simply saying, "He's paying 20,000."

But I figured it made more sense with a unit on there. And changing the pronoun to "The owner" to avoid having anyone confused and thinking the Allosaurus was paying for some reason.

For a while I toyed with inventing a cool new unit of currency, but then I realised I called the currency "credits" as recently as #1177. I don't know why so many science fiction universes end up calling their currency "credits". (Well, okay, I can make a reasonable guess: Some author did it and some others copied, and it became de rigueur.)

2015-09-23 Rerun commentary: On reflection I wish I had used a different currency unit name. It's a good opportunity to come up with something unique and flavourful for a fictional universe.

If you're creating a science fictional setting, please consider using something other than "credits" as a currency name.

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