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<   No. 1183   2006-04-23   >

Comic #1183

1 Marcus: According to legend, music will soothe this savage beast.
1 Cerberus: {threateningly} Grrrr...
2 Julius: Oh, right. Make some music then.
2 Marcus: Are you calling me a lyre?
3 {beat}
4 Julius: That took pluck.
4 Marcus: String it along...
4 Julius: Don't harp on though.
4 Cerberus: {fleeing the puns} Yipe! Yipe! Yipe!

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I'll be glad when we're done with Hades. Artificially darkening and desaturating the background to make it look gloomy is a bit bothersome.

2015-08-31 Rerun commentary: The three-headed LEGO dog, by the way, is actually Fluffy from the Harry Potter LEGO set 4706 Forbidden Corridor. It really is giant compared to minifigures, so in the first three panels here I had to lean it over so the heads were actually a bit closer to Marcus and Julius than they would have been if Fluffy had been standing upright.

I like its silent, mouth-closed expression in panel 3, as it waits to hear if there are more puns coming.

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