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<   No. 1164   2006-04-04   >

Comic #1164

1 Honey: It's the dragon! It'll breathe fire!
2 Stud: Look, whatever it is, it's not a dragon and it's not going to breathe fire.
3 [sound]: Fwackoom!
4 Honey: {looking at the smouldering skeleton of Quarrel lying on the ground} Whatever you do, don't tell us we're perfectly safe.

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Ah, the demise of Quarrel. In Ian Fleming's novel chronology, Dr No is the sixth James Bond adventure, occurring after Live and Let Die, which was the second. Quarrel originally appeared in Live and Let Die and returned as an old friend of Bond's in Dr No before perishing on Crab Key.

In the movie versions, Dr No of course came first. When they made Live and Let Die as the eighth Bond film, they needed Quarrel again... only he was already dead six movies ago. The film scriptwriter solved this problem by inventing the character of Quarrel Junior, the original Quarrel's son.

2015-08-04 Rerun commentary: Evidently James Stud and Honey made their saving throws here.

The smoke effect from Quarrel's skeleton is not too bad, if I do say so myself. A bit simple, but effective.

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