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<   No. 1154   2006-03-25   >

Comic #1154

1 Paris: Okay starport control, we have the approach vector. Landing bay 34, acknowledged.
1 Starport Control: {over radio} Roger. I'll hand you over to commerce.
2 Paris: Lyrane commerce, we have 130 tonnes of luxury foodstuffs to unload and have inspected by customs.
2 Lyrane Commerce: {over radio} Crew will be standing by.
3 Paris: Okay guys, once I land the ship I'll supervise the cargo transfer, direct ship maintenance, arrange a new cargo, and then we can hit town for some R&R.
4 Serron: Rest and recreation? You're dead!
4 Paris: Yet I still do all the work around here.

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Man that's a lot of dialogue in this strip.

Some comics thrive on dense tracts of dialogue. I like to keep mine to a minimum, where I can.

This comic has 77 words of dialogue (counting numbers as a word). Less than 20 words per panel. And yet this is one of the wordiest strips I've ever done. In the past when I've run strip captioning contests, I've specified "at most 20-25 words per panel, preferably much fewer". This is simply because I can't physically fit in more than 25 words in a panel, and 20 is a more practical limit. Yet I've received a few entries with close to 200 words of dialogue.

Next time I'll probably place a strict limit of no more than 15 words per panel, and a maximum of 50 for the whole strip, and see how people do. :-)

2015-07-21 Rerun commentary: Man, I should totally do that. And then a bit later run a caption contest with an even tighter word limit. And another, even tighter, until the challenge is to caption an entire comic with at most 5 words of dialogue.

Watch this space.

On the comic itself, I'm not sure if we ever find out what the luxury foodstuffs are. Probably some form of space truffles or something.

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