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<   No. 1150   2006-03-21   >

Comic #1150

1 Stud: Why do you need a lawyer?
2 Honey: I put a spider in a man's bed.
2 Stud: So it was you!
3 Honey: Don't be ridiculous. I wouldn't put a spider in your bed.
4 Stud: Oh ho? You'd prefer something else in my bed...?
4 Honey: I'd use a cobra.

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This refers to the story Honey Ryder tells to James Bond in Dr No, about growing up as an orphan and falling prey to the lewd depradations of her guardian. She gets her revenge by slipping a black widow spider into his bed and watching him die slowly over a week.

Cobras kill people much faster.

2015-07-15 Rerun commentary: It's interesting that in the film Honey chose a black widow spider as her method of assassination. Spiders of the genus Latrodectus, although they have a fearsome reputation, rarely inflict fatal bites to humans. The bite is severely painful, but wears off in a few days and usually causes no lasting damage.

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