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<   No. 1141   2006-03-12   >

Comic #1141

1 Iki Piki: Can you still pilot the ship in your disembodied state, Paris?
2 Paris: Sure. It's just tiny electrical impulses in the circuits. I can manipulate them directly.
3 Serron: Hey, that could come in handy if we ever have to flee Space Mafia armed with atomic plasma phase rifles...
4 Paris: Don't get any ideas...
4 Serron: I'm just saying.

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I was arguing with myself over whether Space Mafia or Space Yakuza were cooler. But what really made the decision for me here was that Space Yakuza wouldn't use atomic plasma phase rifles, they'd use neutronic monofilament phase shuriken, which as we all know don't have any circuitry in them.

2015-07-03 Rerun commentary: Possibly even cooler would be some sort of Space Outlaw Motorcycle Gang. They'd ride Space Harleys - specially designed one-person space cruisers with an extra loud engine sound.

So loud, you can hear it... in space!

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