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<   No. 1118   2006-02-17   >

Comic #1118

1 Florence: Sam, do you ever get the feeling that something isn't quite right?
2 Sam: What do you mean Florence? Is this one of your Bowman's Wolf senses?
3 GM: She's referring to the fact that we've been playing since 1998 and we're still only one page into a 60-page adventure!

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Freefall is a venerable webcomic chronicling the (mis)adventures of a ne'er-do-well alien starship captain named Sam Starfall and his engineer, the genetically engineered "Bowman's Wolf", Florence Ambrose. Mark Stanley began the strip in 1998, making it one of the most durable webcomics in existence, and it has a large following.

The strip is recognised for its adherence to realistic science, and the large background role that scientific advances play in the action. It has also attracted some criticism for the almost glacial pace of the plot - in nearly seven years of thrice-weekly updates, the plot has only covered a scant few days of action. Personally, I don't see this as a bad thing - it's a good story, with interesting and sympathetic characters, and delivers amusement and a surprising amount of tenderness as regular as clockwork. If you like the science stuff in Irregular Webcomic!, you'll probably enjoy Freefall too.

I think I did a pretty good job with the drawing on this one. Except for the hands. I've never been able to draw hands.

2015-06-01 Rerun commentary: Freefall offers one of the more extreme examples of webcomic time. In the now roughly 2600 strips, published over 16 years, only about a month of time has passed within the comic story.

(That being the point of the joke in this strip, if that wasn't clear, by the way.)

You know, I have no idea where my original drawings for this strip are. Probably tucked away in a folder "somewhere safe". Which means I'll never be able to find them if I want to.

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