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<   No. 1112   2006-02-11   >

Comic #1112

1 Boat Guy 1: {through a bullhorn to Stud, Quarrel, and Honey on the beach} All right! Have it your way! We'll be back!
2 Boat Guy 2: "With men."
2 Boat Guy 1: With men!
3 Boat Guy 2: "And dogs..."
3 Boat Guy 1: And dogs!
4 Boat Guy 2: Now turn the bullhorn off.
4 Boat Guy 1: Now turn the bullhorn off!

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This is the scene right after the gunboat patrols the beach of Dr No's island and tries to shoot James Bond and company into giving themselves up. For some reason I've always remembered these lines from the movie. Well, the ones in the first three panels anyway. I suspect they're not terribly memorable to anyone else. It certainly doesn't appear in the list of memorable quotes on IMDB (although that is kind of a short list compared to a lot of other movies). Anyway, I always remember it, so I figured I may as well get a comic out of it.

I should point out to anyone who hasn't seen the movie that at this point Bond, Quarrel, and Honey are not standing in full view of the gunboat's machine guns on the beach like this; they are lying hidden behind sand dunes. On reflection I should have built some dunes out of yellow bricks for them to hide behind, but I didn't think of it when I was shooting the photos.

2015-05-23 Rerun commentary: Looking at the Photoshop work here again, I think this holds up pretty well, except for the third panel, where there should be a shadow in the water beneath the boat. In later strips I started adding such a shadow under ships and boats when I composited them onto water like this.

The boat here is a shortened and compacted version of the barge taken by Monty Jones back in #676. I reduced the length of the boat by taking out one of the hull sections, and reduced the height of the command tower at the back.

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