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<   No. 1082   2006-01-12   >

Don't look at me, I don't know either.

1 T-Rex: Today, I'd like to expound on the nature of reality.
1 Utahraptor: So, what about the nature of reality?
2 {silent beat}
3 T-Rex: {looking confused} Heck if I know!

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Having done the first half of a Dinosaur Comics parody in strip #1075, I thought I should provide the second half of it.

Hopefully the two strips stand alone, as well as read together. That's the charm of Ryan's "Also:" device, in which he changes topic suddenly without resorting to an actual segue.

2015-04-14 Rerun commentary: Also: African violets (Saintpaulia sp.) require strong light, but not direct sunlight, to flower well. Too much direct sun can bleach the chlorophyll out of the leaves, as they photosynthesise too quickly and run out of the necessary nutrients to maintain the chlorophyll. This results in the leaves turning brown.

To fix this, move your violets to more indirect, but still bright, light, and supply some nutrients with a dose of fertiliser. The chlorophyll will return and the plant will be much healthier. The bright light encourages flowering as well - if the plants aren't getting enough light then they won't flower.

We have three African violets growing near a window, facing late afternoon sun. Oddly, they were all propagated from the same plant, yet each one now has differently coloured flowers. All shades of purple to be sure, but each one quite distinct from the other two.

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