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<   No. 1080   2006-01-10   >

Comic #1080

1 {scene: A moonlit night on the Caribbean. A small rowboat makes its way from Kingston to Crab Key.}
1 Quarrel: {rowing} We got six miles to row to reach Crab Key, cap'n.
2 Stud: {sitting back, relaxing in the boat} Yes, you're doing a great job, Quarrel.
3 Quarrel: Maybe you could lend a hand...
4 Stud: I'd offer you a martini, but I don't want to adversely affect your stamina.

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The action moves on apace!

There was a lot of messing around with the colours to get these images done, and Quarrel's torso didn't turn out quite right. I have to use a standard yellow Lego torso - as I don't have a dark-skinned torso - and adjust the colours in my graphics editor after taking the photos. Usually it doesn't work too badly, but this time it's not the best, and I'm too lazy to fix it after all the effort that went into getting it this far.

2015-04-11 Rerun commentary: One assumes James Stud has packed a Thermos flask of martinis for the arduous trip.

In the film, Quarrell's boat actually has a motor and they use that most of the way to Crab Key, before switching to sail and oars as they approach to avoid making noise. But that would be no fun here.

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