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<   No. 1060   2005-12-21   >

Comic #1060

1 Spanners: Okay, Iki Piki and I will go out and sweep the docking bay for skin samples.
1 Serron: What about me?
2 Spanners: You stay here on board where you can't do any more damage.
3 Serron: {sulkily} Okay, okay, I'll just browse their worldnet...
4 Iki Piki: No posting get rich quick scams!
4 Serron: Oh man, can't I do anything worthwhile?

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When I put the photos for this strip together, I went to the trouble of photoshopping in a starfield outside the windows, and only remembered that they'd be in the docking bay when I started adding the dialogue. I would have put in some industrial docking bay type scenery instead, but by that time I couldn't be bothered repeating all that work.

2015-03-19 Rerun commentary: The simpler thing would have been to remember they were in a docking bay during shooting and just arrange some LEGO docking bay sets behind the windows, so no Photoshopping would have been required.

Ah well. Maybe this futuristic docking bay for space ships just happens to be decorated in wood panelling.

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