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<   No. 1050   2005-12-11   >

Comic #1050

1 {scene: exterior of a ship in orbit about a planet}
1 Paris: Arawne starport, we were here a week ago. We need to find DNA of one of our crew.
2 Paris: We wondered if there might be some human skin flakes still littering the vicinity of docking bay G14.
3 Starport Control: A week?? Hey, what do you think we are? Slobs who don't keep our starport clean?
4 Paris: We saw it for ourselves just last week...
4 Starport Control: Oh, right.

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This strip marks a special landmark. Bill Watterson produced 3,150 Calvin and Hobbes strips.

I'm a third of the way there.

2015-03-07 Rerun commentary: The planet of Arawne is, as we shall learn later on, where our intrepid band of space-faring merchants began their mercantile venture.

Arawne was one of the major planets of the roleplaying game campaign which was the inspiration for the Space theme comics. It's a comfortably Earth-like world, with no particularly unusual features, so makes a good base of operations.

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