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<   No. 1048   2005-12-09   >

Comic #1048

1 Head Death: {looking at a huge coffin that has appeared on the infinite featureless plane of Death} What the hell is this?
1 Death of Bad Pizza Deliveries: Delivery from Legostar Galactica.
2 Head Death: I've told that cartoonist to stop sending his rubbish over here! We don't do that crossover shtick!
3 Head Death: Send him back. Let him rise from the dead again over in that strip when it's least convenient.
4 Death of Bad Pizza Deliveries: Yes, sir.
4 Head Death: And don't even get me started on Ensign Shirt...

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Yes, this is a crossover strip with Legostar Galactica, which recently had a storyline concerning Zombies vs Vampires. The story was resolved in this strip, at least as far as Legostar Galactica was concerned...

If you don't read Legostar Galactica, at least go check out that last strip over there, so you can get this one. You might even like what you see if you browse the archive. It certainly tickles my funny bone.

And if you do read it, well, I hope you like the crossover. :-)

2015-03-05 Rerun commentary: When Dusan made this strip, he didn't quite follow the lighting setup I used for the Infinite Featureless Plain of Death, resulting in the somewhat harsher direct light seen here.

One of the toughest things about taking photos os LEGO models is getting the lighting right. You need to use a considerable amount of lighting gear, including reflectors and/or diffusers, to get a nice effect.

I like that the Death of Bad Pizza Deliveries wears a red cap.

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