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Poll Results

Poll 607: To the nearest given option, what direction does the head of your bed point?

Total votes: 1394

East: 284 (20.4%)
West: 268 (19.2%)
North: 266 (19.1%)
South: 256 (18.4%)
North-east: 93 (6.7%)  
North-west: 87 (6.2%)
South-east: 73 (5.2%)
South-west: 67 (4.8%)

That's.... very interesting. The north/east/south/west options appear similar enough to one another to be effectively random, and the NE/NW/SE/SW options also appear similar enough to one another to be effectively random, but at roughly a third of the frequency of the four cardinal directions.

This is too striking to be sheer randomness. It must mean something. Some possibilities:

1. There is a strong bias towards homes being built with the walls aligned close to the cardinal compass directions, thus leading to this bias in the directions of bed alignment.
2. Most people couldn't be bothered estimating to the nearest 45°, and simply estimated to the nearest cardinal point instead. So even if their bed was pointing almost north-east, they'd instead pick north.
3. We've uncovered some sort of eldritch geometry that is influencing all of us in our sleep...

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