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<   No. 1528   2007-04-03   >

Comic #1528

1 Dwalin: Quick! Acrooss thu Bridge! {the party sets out across the narrow, precarious Bridge of Khazad-Doom}
2 Lambert: For all the amazing feats of construction engineering we've seen in Dwergenberg...
3 Lambert: For all the advanced technological skills and astoundingly beautiful architecture you dwarves have...
4 Lambert: Haven't you heard of railings??!!

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We've seen the Bridge of Khazad-Dûm before in the fantasy theme, but this is the Bridge of Khazad-Doom. Entirely different thing.

We've also seen a reference to how bridges in fiction always seem to lack railings in the very next strip, which was in the space theme. This is just such a stupid trope that it's worth making the point again.

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