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Poll Results

Poll 501: How often do you buy salt?

Total votes: 3449

Once a month or more: 81 (2.3%)
A few times a year: 607 (17.6%)
Once a year or so: 702 (20.4%)
Once every few years: 486 (14.1%)
Two or three times, ever: 230 (6.7%)
I bought salt once, let me check... yep, there's still some left: 669 (19.4%)  
You know, I don't think I've ever bought salt: 674 (19.5%)

This poll was inspired by a recent inventory of my pantry. I found in the back a plastic airtight container full of salt. I mean full - it weighs in at a hefty 714 grams (I just weighed it now on my kitchen scales). Presumably I bought it as a one kilogram box of salt.

When I set up house with my wife.

Twelve years ago.

At the rate we're using this salt, we'll need to buy another packet in about 2040.

I had intended this poll to be about edible table salt. I didn't specify because that's basically the only salt which we ever use for anything. As I discovered from various comments and responses, people in some parts of the world also buy salt specifically to soften water in their dishwasher, or to remove ice from roads and driveways. I did think of salt for swimming pools, but oddly nobody commented about that.

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