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<   No. 914   2005-07-28   >

Comic #914

1 Martian 1: We need a new plan for invading Earth.
2 Martian 2: How about we fire cylindrical capsules with pilots who can build huge war tripods armed with heat rays?
3 {silent beat}
4 Martian 1: Oh? And I suppose this time we just dose them up on vitamin C first?

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For anyone wondering, this is a reference to H. G. Wells' original novel. I'm not planning to see the new movie version.

When I first wrote this, the punchline was:

Martian 1: You failed history at school, didn't you?
But I showed someone and he came up with the idea I eventually used, which is much funnier, I think.
2014-09-30 Rerun commentary: I like the Martians' control panel table. I just took as many LEGO plates as I could find with printed dials and buttons and gadgets on them, and stuck them on. The green and black ones are suitably futuristic looking, but there are also several steam gauges and a cassette tape in there. A very nice mix of technology indeed.

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