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<   No. 766   2005-03-02   >

Comic #766

1 Monty: {walking through the labyrinth} We've been wandering in this labyrinth for hours!
2 {the group keeps walking}
3 {the group keeps walking}
4 Prof. Jones: You know, it feels like weeks.

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You may have noticed the strip today is bigger.

When I first decided what size to make the strips back in 2002, I worked on the assumption that I should cater to 800×600 pixel displays. Well, those are pretty few and far between these days. So I've expanded the strip size to fill up more of a 1024×768 display, while leaving room for the navigation sidebar and window borders without getting too cramped. What this means is bigger photos. I've kept the vertical space available for captions the same - I like working within the restriction of fairly short dialogue.

So, I hope you like the change.

Well, I guessed the new wider format might get a mixed reception. But then, any change to an established precedent does. And I also know that people who don't like a change are more vocal than those who do, and if I try to please everyone at once I'll just go crazy. (Recall the fable about the man, boy, and donkey.)

So I'm not reverting to the old size. However, I may be able to do something with the navigation bar. I'll consider the possibilities.

2014-04-10 Rerun commentary: Nowadays it'd be good if I made the strip even bigger.[1]

The fable, by the way, if you are not familiar with it, is one of Aesop's Fables, and is described here, or you can read the actual text here.

With all the meta-commentary out of the way, this strip is playing with and lampshading the concept of webcomic time. Actually, it's a pretty meta comic all around.

[1] In fact in 2015 I made the default strip size bigger again, and then in 2019 I added double resolution versions of all strips from that 2105 strip (effectively twice as big), for high-resolution monitors. So the default strip size has gotten bigger four times now.

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