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Poll Results

Poll 178: How reliable is this poll?

Total votes: 1933

The Allosaurus: 931 (48.2%)
Okay for broad trends, but not detailed results: 263 (13.6%)  
Better than random, but not by much: 256 (13.2%)
Very reliable except for a few joke responses: 136 (7.0%)
Completely infallible: 120 (6.2%)
A complete shemozzle: 89 (4.6%)
Mostly reliable: 64 (3.3%)
About 50% accurate: 49 (2.5%)
You could bet your house on the result: 25 (1.3%)

If this is a true indication of his popularity, the Allosaurus will have to run for US President again in 2008.

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