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Poll Results

Poll 13: Kangaroos:

Total votes: 546

Dangerous when armed with Stinger missiles: 246 (45.1%)
Lethal claws that can disembowel a grown adult: 93 (17.0%)
Nice with a bush tomato and native pepper sauce: 74 (13.6%)  
Ah yes, Macropus rufus, an herbivorous marsupial: 52 (9.5%)
Cute and cuddly: 40 (7.3%)
Proud symbol of a great nation: 17 (3.1%)
Bloody pests ruining pasture land: 13 (2.4%)
Pet food: 7 (1.3%)
A great football team: 4 (0.7%)

Clearly lots of readers are familiar with the bit of Internet lore about the Stinger-armed kangaroos. Personally, I prefer my 'roos with a nice sauce and garlic mashed potatoes.

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