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<   No. 427   2004-03-27   >

Comic #427

1 Haken: {walking along the lost plateau in Venezuela} So, here we are at der lost plateau. Now to find die dinosaurs.
2 Erwin: {pointing at a small pile of brown material} Look, Herr Kolonel! Evidence that dinosaurs have been here!
3 Haken: Erwin... Didn't we just do this? I have this strange sense of déjà vu...
4 Erwin: Ja. Always you are getting die reruns when der writer is taking a holiday.
4 Haken: Ach. Die same old Scheiße again.

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Heh, had you going for a second there, didn't I?

2013-03-11 Rerun commentary: Oooh, fourth wall breaking.

Also a comment on the annoying phenomenon of reruns in general. Which is kind of ironic, as this entire comic is now in rerun mode. Strangely enough, it doesn't feel like I'm on all that much of a holiday.

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