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<   No. 3412   2015-08-13   >

Comic #3412

1 Prof. Jones: So what do you think of Miss Thoroughgood, Junior?
2 Monty: I'm trying not to, dad.
2 Prof. Jones: Good.
3 Monty: Still, she's got a lot of spirit.
3 Prof. Jones: Oh?
4 Monty: Yes, this bit of the papyrus here. I think it's about departed spirits of the dead!

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Old school photographers will recognise the context for what's happening here and why the panels are all red.

Monty and Prof. Jones are in a darkroom, developing the photos that Prof. Jones took of Miss Alice Thoroughgood's papyrus. As photographic film and paper are sensitive to light, normal room lighting would destroy the images. So the darkroom is lit with a red safelight.

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