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<   No. 2374   2009-07-27   >

Comic #2374

1 Spanners: As you know, Quercus, we travel faster than light by skewing the ship into an alternate spatial dimension known as hyperspace.
2 Spanners: Unlike most fictional depictions, this transition can take place anywhere and at any speed, so is conventionally done while stationary on the landing pad.
3 Spanners: The planet we're on does not extend into hyperspace, so we simply start the engines once we're there. This avoids any need to "take off" in the conventional sense.
4 Quercus: Yes, all very well, but how does that describe our current expedition?
4 Spanners: Oh, sorry! I thought you said exposition.

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As you know, exposition is the act of revealing information to the audience of a work of fiction. One method of achieving this is for one character to simply say the information to another character, despite both of the characters knowing full well everything being discussed.

But then you knew that, didn't you?

(So who's watching us?)

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