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<   No. 223   2003-09-05   >

Comic #223

1 Serron: So, can I learn to be psionic?
1 Male Telepath: [thinking] No. You have to be born with the talent.
1 Serron: Hmmm.
2 Serron: Do you have cloning labs on this planet?
2 Male Telepath: [thinking] Yes.
2 Serron: Gene-splice technicians?
2 Male Telepath: [thinking] Of course.
3 Serron: And standard neural personality transfer technology?
4 GM: {suspiciously} Yyyeeeesssssss....

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2012-07-16 Rerun commentary: Oh, it's so easy making jokes based on what typical roleplayers would do. With Serron it was particularly easy, since the guy who played him in the real life campaign that this theme is based on was always coming up with insane plans and reasons to justify all sorts of weird things.

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