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<   No. 1905   2008-04-14   >

Comic #1905

1 {scene: Wilson's Shoe Repair}
1 Aqualich: He's flipped the sneaker off! Get in there and capture them! {orders The Hippo, Sea Dog, and The Bug to get the heroes}
2 {big fight scene: The Hippos slams Captain Spatula}
3 {big fight scene: Sea Dog slashes his cutlass at Refractive Man}
4 {big fight scene: The heroes are subdued, The Bug has Worm Master restrained in his six legs, The Hippo is biting Dino Boy's tail}
5 Sea Dog: Arrr! We be beatin' them! That be unexpected. After all, they be the Good Guys.
5 Aqualich: You fool! Don't you know evil always triumphs in the middle!

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It's been a long time between drinks for the Supers guys, last seen trapped under a giant sneaker while searching for Aqualich and his cronies in Wilson's Shoe Repair store. The talented Dean Stahl, who draws these for me, has been extremely busy, but is pleased to present his latest work.

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