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<   No. 171   2003-07-15   >

Comic #171

1 Hermione: Ron! What are you doing on the platform? The Hogwarts Express is about to leave!
2 Ron: {on platform} I've got to find Harry! We can't go to Hogwarts without him!
3 [sound]: WHOOOT! KA-CHUNKA...
3 Hermione: {as the train shudders into motion} Ron! The train's leaving! You've missed it!
4 Harry: {appearing at the train window} Ha ha, Ron! See you later! Now I'll have Hermione to myself for eight hours!

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2012-05-16 Rerun commentary: Wow, there were a lot of... suggestive comics in this theme weren't there?

Blame J. K. Rowling for writing fiction full of hormonally charged adolescents!

I like the shot of Ron framed by the window.

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