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<   No. 1502   2007-03-08   >

Comic #1502

1 Dr No: Take him to the cell!
1 Henchman: Yes boss! Er, what cell?
2 Dr No: The escape-proof cell!
2 Henchman: The electrified one?
3 Dr No: Yes the electrified one! And don't give it away! {The henchmen escort Stud away.}
4 Dr No: {shaking head as he mutters to himself} Henchmen. Evil, obedient, bright - pick any two.

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This refers to the common adage in software development (at least that's where I heard it - it apparently is common in other fields of research and development too): Fast, cheap, good - pick any two.

The idea is that you can't get everything you want when developing something:

It took some searching to find this in Wikipedia, but I eventually found it.

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