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<   No. 1260   2006-07-09   >

Comic #1260

1 {scene: Steve lies on a stretcher by a river, attended by an ambulance crew.}
1 Doctor: So how did this happen?
1 Terry: We were filming a documentary...
2 Steve: {in flashback} We're here to get the opinions of some crocs on global warming. {gestures at a nearby croc}
3 Terry: Steve!
3 Steve: {being chewed by the croc} Crikey!
4 Doctor: {back in the present} And...?
4 Steve: {on stretcher} They're pretty stroppy about it.

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Ah, the flashback. I took these photos not really knowing what script I'd throw them together with. While writing it, at first I put them in chronological sequence. But it lacked something, so I decided to show the first two panels in flashback. I think it helps.

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